Archives for November, 2006

Druppels in Klerkies

On arrival in Klerksdorp this passed weekend we were welcome by a SUPER storm. It was rad though and afterwards I spent some time taking photographs of silly rain drops. So rad though. That’s it….

Full moon (aa whoooooo)

I have been looking through my stuff a lot lately trying to sort through it and make something of it all. Anyway, this isn’t really the best photograph but I just remember how stoked I was on it that I could actually see detail on the moon. I like it.

Braxton Haines

This passed weekend we (revolution and kfd) went to Klerksdorp for two days of skating and chilling with the locals. I have always wanted to shoot on the railway lines so I made everyone get out the van on the way there and did some stuff. I shot a bunch of photos but made this set with Braxton who is looking like a ripper right now. Sadly he broke his wrist the next day but good times were still had by all. Quick thank you to Clayton for the good times and for being stoked on my work. It means a lot.

Goodbye Storm

It has been raining on and off (mostly on) for the passed few days and then yesterday it kind of all went away and the sky just looked so blue. How rad are clouds actually?


I had to shoot these photographs for my client at Soda Designs and really really loved the way this entrance looked. This is the way you are welcomed at the offices of Pure. It’s just so warming. I like.

Revolution Warehouse Sunset

Last night we did a quick shoot in the Revolution Warehouse for the start of our skateboard tour that we are doing in the next few days. Anyway, the sunset there is always so beautiful and joburg just always looks so clean. I love it. Well, I shot these two photographs of the skyline with the sun from inside the warehouse through some fencing. I liked it.

1000 Drawings

For those of you who don’t know, tomorrow is the Night of 1000 Drawings exhibition. It is all for a charity and definitely the coolest way to raise money ever. Basically people submitted drawings, photos and just other random art peices on A5 and they will be sold for R100 and the money will be used to purchase a bakkie for the charity. You can read more about it all on their blog at but anyway, these are the ones I submitted. Whoo hoo.

Children of the Damned Portraits

During December last year (2005), I joined the Revolution / KFD Team for a skateboard tour and I shot these portraits of the team in the Johannesburg warehouse at the start of it. I liked these photographs a lot and decided to post them because in a few weeks we will be touring again and this stuff gets me excited for it all.

Food glorious food

I shot some photographs the other day for my client (Browns of Rivonia) as they are having a 4 page feature article on them in the British Airways inflight magazine coming out in February 2007. These are just some of the images that I took that day. I love love love the food at Browns.

Lightning Date

On friday night, the maddest lightning storm took place. I was driving so decided to race home and give my first attempt at shooting photographs of it. The Joburg sky is so bright from all the city lights so I was limited with exposure times but these four are what I got from my roof before the rain belted down. Was an amazing site and a really good date.