Archives for August, 2007

Flying Nationwide

I love flying so much. This is a photo I shot on wednesday night on the Nationwide Airlines flight I had to London.

The Nilx

My friend Nik is the hardest working guy in the whole entire world and everytime I see him he tells me the most interesting stuff about everything. He is so clever with mechanics and how things are made and work. Anyway, I am in London now and spent some time with him yesterday and took this photo of him in his workshop.

Fly Paper Jet

Fly Paper Jet opened for Harris Tweed at their New Theatre show. I had never heard of them before but they were a good surprise. So different and original but in a good way. Check them out too, and watch them live if you can.

Miss Cheri

On saturday night, Harris Tweed played one of the best shows I have been to before. They did something different and it really worked for them. I am pressed for time so I am only going to upload this photo of Cheri so you can see how amazing the set and lighting was. Check these guys out, they’re in a different league that this country isn’t used to


These are a few images I shot of Alan playing with Harris Tweed on saturday night. He reminded me so much of Slash from Guns and Roses (without the funny bushy hair and the smoke in his mouth). I really am enjoying watching this guy play.


I have been shooting an interview of JP du Preez for the next issue of Session Magazine and it’s really been super fun. JP is an amazing skater and an amazing all round humble guy. I shot this tonight.

The Dean

Dean came to my house today after skating to get some photos from this weekend’s road tripping adventures. Shot this of him quick chilling on my roof. He’s rad.

Road Tripping

Did some road tripping, with the revolution and kfd guys, to bloemfontein this weekend. Shot some good skate stuff but the guys wrecked themselves on the first night. We all had a good time and I remember how fun it is being on the road with friends.

In Studio

Went passed the studio today to hang with the Flash Republic crew while they did vocals for their recordings and shot a few pics. Their stuff really is sounding so good. Can’t wait for it to come out.

tamara dey singing backing vocals in studio

Love Jones at Oppi

I did a little road tripping with the Love Jones crew to Oppikoppi on thursday for their show and it was really cool. They are an amazing bunch of people that deserve credit in the music industry. Check them out for sure.