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Piano Man

Today we filmed and produced a music video for one of our corporate clients through our side company, Melon Videos. It was a super fun day and I shot a bunch of photographs that I really like but this is one of my favourites.

I hope you are all well. MKeith Lansom playing the piano photographed by Marcus Maschwitz


Haha, I have been shooting with Dean, Seth and Jordan the passed couple of weeks and while logging the photographs now, I noticed these portraits I shot of them at the beginning of last year. It is so funny to see because they look so young here. What a laugh. I will post the new stuff when I get a chance but for now, enjoy these oldies.

Off to Durban later for the A1 GP. Always a good time. Have a good weekend, MDean Marais Portrait at skateworld photographed by Marcus MaschwitzJordan portrait at skateworld photographed by Marcus MaschwitzSeth Campbell portrait at skateworld photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

Ashley Callie

I shot photographs for about 2 years for Heat Magazine and during this time I worked quite a bit with Ashley Callie from Isidingo and she really was such a cool person. Every charity event that I attended that she was at, I remember her being one of the only important guests that were always there really trying to help. She was friendly and just a down to earth person. She passed away today after suffering from a bad car accident and that really is sad news. I get really sad when things like this happen to anyone I have ever encountered or come to know and this post is just to wish her family well and let them know that people are thinking of them. This photograph is really just a funny one that I shot 2 years ago that I always thought was funny.
Ashley Callie photographed by Marcus Maschwitz
Also, my friend Wayne is in ICU trying to recover from an armed robbery and I cannot stop wishing that there was something I could do to help this. If you’re reading this, please think of him and pray for him to get through this and become well soon, if that is what you do.

Sunset over the Vale

Sunset yesterday was super cool. Hasn’t been like that in a while. I shot these while I was driving. Can you get a fine for shooting photographs while driving a car? HahaCloudy sunset over the vale photographed by Marcus MaschwitzCloudy sunset over the vale photographed by Marcus Maschwitz


I shot this photograph of Noodles during The Offspring‘s tour to South Africa. That was a fun show with memories from long ago.

Johannesburg in Fisheye

I was asked the other day by a new stock images company to contribute some of my work to their database so I have been going through all my photographs from the passed to see what I think would work well for them. The people heading it up are super cool and the website is but the site is still being loaded at the moment so it isn’t completely finished yet. They are targeting to market photographs specifically of Africa and this is really exciting for me because it makes me want to go out and shoot more in my free time and not just shoot stuff for my clients.

Hope you’re all well. M
Johannesburg city at sunset as seen with a fisheye photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

Happy Chinese New Year

I wish I was born Asian. I love Asian culture, I love Asian food, I love the way Asian families seem to look after each other and out of every country I have visited before, Asia has been one of my best.

This week has been Chinese New Year and we have been celebrating and partying whenever we could. Yesterday we visited the Nanhua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit to celebrate with everyone during the day. They had an amazing festive celebration and we enjoyed some of the really good food that we miss from abroad.

These 3 sepia photographs are of the Emperor beings giving good luck envelopes to everyone.
2008 Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Nanhua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit photographed by Marcus Maschwitz2008 Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Nanhua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit photographed by Marcus Maschwitz2008 Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Nanhua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit photographed by Marcus Maschwitz
This photo is just of an elderly lady worshiping. I like the lighting of it.
2008 Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Nanhua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit photographed by Marcus Maschwitz
In the end, forget about the photos and let this post serve to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year. Hope this year is an amazing one.

Thanks for reading, M


I was shooting with Seth on saturday and we got some awesome stuff together. During the shoot though, there was one frame that I kept getting when he never landed the trick and I couldn’t stop laughing because it always looked like he was a crazy punk rocker guy trying to be a ninja break dancer. I kept a bunch of the stills and have put a few of them below. I hope you like.

Seth is a super good skateboarder and I love his style and the way he makes it looks so easy when he does it. I am hoping that the stuff will make it into the next session magazine but I will keep you posted on that.Seth Campbell skateboarding in edenvale johannesburg photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

The Parking Lot

Anja and I were walking through the parking lot trying to remember where we parked my car last night and I loved the way the car lights were showing people in silhouettes so I shot these two photographs.

Ok Go

Ok Go performed a show yesterday at Emmarentia Dam and it was super rad. I have always liked their music but it was never in my favourites list. Live though, definitely one of the most organized and tightest bands I have ever seen. So fun and just an all round awesome show.
indie band ok go performing live at emmarentia dam in johannesburg photographed by marcus maschwitz