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The New Lundbergs

This passed weekend I flew down to Cape Town to shoot a wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel. The wedding was really awesome and although the weather seemed super rubbish the whole day, we were lucky to be given a bit of sun just after the service to shoot some photos together and just let the couple enjoy the fact that they were now married.

With my wedding just 2 weeks away, I want to congratulate Jackie and Jason Lundberg and wish them best on their new adventure together. I also want to say thanks for getting me so excited for my wedding.

It was an awesome day, thank you for trusting me with this shoot. These are just a five of the pics from the day so people stop asking me for them. I don’t want to give away too much before the couple sees them first.

Have a good weekend, Marcus

jackie and jason lundberg photographed by marcus maschwitz

wedding on the beach photographed by marcus maschwitz

wedding couple on the beach in camps bay photographed by marcus maschwitz

couple kissing on a beach in cape town photographed by marcus maschwitz

newly weds in cape town photographed by marcus maschwitz

Blinds No More

Ok, so most of you by now have heard that our family’s house has burnt down. What a bummer. We have no place to stay together and it really is such a stressful time and with my wedding coming up in two weeks now, I really need to just concentrate on the task at hand. I just wanted to thank everyone for the support they have been showing my family and really want everyone to know how appreciative I am.

I shot this photo of my blinds in my bedroom while I was packing my gear for a shoot in Cape Town this weekend. On sunday when I got back, they are gone, burnt and covered in glass. Poor house.

blinds in my bedroom photographed by marcus maschwitz

Sunset Shoot

I was shooting photos at sunset today of a factory for a client of mine and shot this sunset and some leaves on the floor while I waited for the right time. Hope you all well, M

Orchid Up Close

I shot this photograph of an Orchid plant that is growing in my garden. I walk passed it everyday and everyday I say that I should shoot a photograph of it but then I don’t. Today I did and this is it.

Have a super weekend. M

orchid plant up close photographed by marcus maschwitz

Sunset in Muldersdrift

I shot some photographs with my friend Nick on friday afternoon at his compound in Muldersdrift and the sunset was awesome. I shot these two photos just because I thought they looked good. I will post some of him riding now.

sunset at winter in muldersdrift photographed by marcus maschwitz

my shadow on the sand during sunset in muldersdrift photographed by marcus maschwitz

Hein Fick

I had my first shoot on friday for Cleo Magazine and it went well. They are running an article on extreme guys and I shot the Johannesburg guys. During the shoot I shot this photograph of FMX rider, Hein Fick.

hein fick portrait taken during a shoot for cleo magazine photographed by marcus maschwitz

Miss Dey and Her Red Glasses

I have been wanting to shoot photographs with my friend Tamara for ages but we both are always super busy. She is part of the band Flash Republic and yesterday we finally got it right. I am busy working on my portfolio so this was a good learning shoot for me. Tamara is awesome and really easy to work with. I have a LOT of photographs to go through but quickly threw these 4 together to see what they look like. I like them lots.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I love hearing back from everyone that looks at my stuff. It’s been ages since I posted properly so this is a start of plenty to come. I promise.

Hope you all well. Chat soon, M

Tamara Dey posing against a graffiti wall in Newtown photographed by marcus maschwitz

Tamara Dey in Johannesburg photographed by marcus maschwitz

singer tamara dey photographed by marcus maschwitz

tamara dey in newtown johannesburg photographed by marcus maschwitz