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Honeymooning It

I just got back from honeymoon with my beautiful misses (Anja) and we had a super time away. I know this may sound really crazy but I decided to REALLY take time off and have a proper break so I left all my camera gear at home. We ended up seeing so much cool stuff worth photographing so I ended up actually just regretting my decision. I took some happy snaps with Anja’s point and shoot but its hard not being able to change the settings and having to rely on the scene modes. Haha. Was a good time regardless and now I am DYING to shoot again.

Photographs in Cleo Magazine

I photographed a feature for Cleo Magazine a few months back and the issue with my work in is currently on shelf. I don’t necessarily think that these are the best shots from the shoot and would’ve processed them differently if it was up to me so I will upload one or two that I think work as soon as this issue comes off shelf. For now check out the magazine or visit their site online at

My New Baby

I got myself the Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens yesterday and am SO excited to shoot with it. It was voted the best lens of 2008 and will go perfect with my D3. Watch this space.

Paul E Flynn

I met Paul E Flynn yesterday for the first time and shot some publicity photographs with me on a sand road seriously in the middle no where. He is a super nice guy and it was really fun working with him. He gave me a copy of his album and after listening to it quickly I can really say there is some awesome stuff on there. I haven’t had time to look at any of the photographs yet but while logging them late last night I quickly resized one to put on the blog and this is it. I like it quite a lot. I don’t want to give away anything else until they have been sorted out properly. I will keep you posted.

Paul was the front man of Sugar Drive back in the day.

Check out Paul E Flynn on MySpace at
paul e flynn sitting on a leather bean bag chair in the middle of no where photographed by marcus maschwitz

Dean Back Salad

I shot a photo with my buddy Dean yesterday at sunset just because I love that guy. Here is one of them.

Found a place to move to today. Yay, hope its alright. Will take some photos later.

Have a good day, Marcus

dean marais back salad at skateworld in edenvale photographed by marcus maschwitz