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KFD Tattoo Series

Over the years I have worked really closely with the guys from KFD Skateboards and it has always been a really good time. Recently I was contacted by a designer from California named Quoc Lu as he was wanting to build up his portfolio to break into the action sports scene and he used 3 of my photographs to put together an ad campaign for his portfolio.

I almost forgot about it and then he sent me back these three images which I really like. He did some research on the product and used the Tattoo Series as his basis for the ads and I thought I would post them because I also really love these 3 photographs that I shot of the guys.

Back in London and Playing Processing Catch Up

I have just landed back in London after traveling through South Africa for a few days on tour. I worked on some really exciting projects while out there and met some really amazing people in bands that I think are going to explode. I have a few more shoots lined up for the next few days and about a month of processing back log so I am working my fingers to the bone now to try and get some of that out. As soon as I have finished up I have a lot of updating to finally finish off this site so please keep checking back for that.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and inspirational mails that I have been receiving. It is a super cool feeling when people that I have never met take time out of their busy lives to email me and tell me that they have been following my work and say nice things about what I have been shooting. I really appreciate this and it’s pushing me to keep growing as a photographer.

Christmas is coming up soon so I hope that all of you have a bit of a break and that you enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Thanks for reading and be safe, Marcus


My Buddy Ballnut

On my recent trip back to South Africa, I was lucky enough to spend the day with my good friend Brad (also known as Ballnut). He is busy finishing off his commercial pilots license so we spend the morning flying around the beautiful sky from Rand Airport in Germiston to Sun City for a good breakfast at a place full of special memories. Brad and I always have a super time hanging out and normally act like “mullets” so I thought that I had to be nervous flying with him but he was super focused and it really was one of the nicest flights I have ever had.

The sky was amazing and it was the perfect day to be up and after our breakfast I decided to shoot a quick portrait or two with him in front of our mini aircraft just before taking off again. The sun at this time was now super harsh and it was hot like hell but I made a plan and really like the way these came out. The first is my favourite because it reminds me exactly of how Brad is.

Good times.



Flying to Sun City

Today I woke up early to fly to Sun City for Breakfast and to shoot some photos in the sky. These are a few that I shot during the time. Love the sky.