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Featured on the Profoto Blog

I recently took delivery of some new babies and blogged about it here and the guys from Profoto contacted me to ask if they could post a write up about what I use and how so I provided them with a few photographs that I have from a shoot I did with Zebra and Giraffe in December. My dad shot a few behind the scenes photos which came out really cool.

You can see the post on the Profoto Blog and obviously more of my portfolio on my personal website.

Exciting times.

London Newspaper Interview and Profoto Feature

After a really hectic and amazing 2009 I decided to take the first few weeks of this year to try and catch up on personal projects while bands are in recording and prepping for tour. As is always the case, personal projects just get pushed aside when deadlines come into play and I always do my best to help the people I work with where I can. So much for the short break and as of tomorrow (hopefully my flu passes) everything will be back into full swing and I am super excited to push this year.

This week tuesday The South African hit news stands featuring an interview about myself and my work here in London. The South African is a newspaper aimed at Global South Africans living and working in London so it is a privilege for me that they have taken interest in my photography work here. An online version of the article is available to read here and I think it turned out quite nicely.

Then the next exciting bit of news that I have is that this week I took delivery of my new Profoto babies and I am already in love. Haha. The guys from Profoto were really nice to post a short feature about me using their gear on a recent photo shoot that I had with the guys from Zebra and Giraffe while out in South Africa. You can check out the feature on the Profoto blog.

Other than that, I hope everyone is having a good start to the year. Thank you again for all your support and please check back soon for some new work updates. Marcus

Interview with The South African

WOW. This year really has started off well and it hasn’t even really started for me. Last week I had an interview with the really nice people at The South African which is a newspaper focused at Global South Africans (Saffas) living abroad and the interview is about my life here in London and my work here as a music photographer.

The newspaper hits news stands today and I have been sent a few copies so I will try and get a scan / photo of this up when I can but in the mean time there is a teaser online which you can read if you have the time by CLICKING HERE. Below is a screen grab of the online issue.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Much appreciated. Marcus

My Profoto Babies

Today is the day. Today is FINALLY here. I have been so excited about it that I have really battled to keep focused on anything else unrelated. For years I have wanted to own my own Profoto kit but have sadly waited it out because there was always something else in the line up waiting for my attention. I have rented these lights on several occasions along with various Elinchrom kits and the Profoto stuff has always won my vote.

As a very greedy Christmas present to myself I purchased myself 2 Profoto kits that after anxious waiting have landed. The guys from Pro Center called this morning to ask if I would be around to accept delivery so here I am waiting for the door bell to ring. AMAZING.

Anyway, I had to share my excitement and mark today as another day for me to step it up a notch. I have never been as excited as I have been about anything regarding photographic equipment except for the arrival of my D3 which was over 2 years ago.

So let me introduce you to my Pro-7b 1200 babies as I welcome them to the family …… names to follow shortly.

(Obviously as they haven’t arrived yet the photo below was pulled from the Profoto catalogue, I’ll try shoot my own one sometime)

Interview on Entertainment Africa

I was recently in South Africa for a few days to shoot a few projects and during my time there I was interview by Entertainment Africa which came out this week. I was asked a few questions by Painter Jane about my work shooting bands while I live in London and I hope think it came out pretty cool.

Here is a screen grab of the interview but please read it on Entertainment Africa if you have the time.

I hope you are all well and having a good year so far. Regards Marcus

Shooting Zebra and Giraffe

I had a really good photo shoot with the band Zebra and Giraffe during December in South Africa and as always it was a pleasure working with them. We shot at a dam during mid day so the sun was as strong as it could be so thank goodness for sun glasses and Profoto-7b kits to fill in.

I was assisted by my buddy Ravi Panchia who’s work is definitely worth checking out and my dad came and joined in to take some behind the scene shots (“Thanks dad”) so I thought I would get a few of these up as well as a photo or two from the shoot. You can see more of these on my music photography blog.

Welcome 2010 and First Interview

So we are already 7 days into the New Year and it’s already a busy and exciting one for me. I have already worked on some amazing projects and the response to my work of late has been incredible. I am hoping to really push myself this year and step it up a big notch so that I can continue and live up to the amazing year that was 2009. Before I say goodbye to last year completely, I posted a Top 10 Live Performances List on my Blog and it is just a personal look back at the incredible shows I got to work at last year and which ones were my favourites.

To start the year off I was interviewed by the really nice people at Entertainment Africa and it went live on their site this week so if you have the time please check it out and let me know what you think. They questioned me about some of the work I do and my general working days. I think it came out really nice. Click HERE to link to it.