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Triumph Ace Cafe Racer Brochure

A while ago I was commissioned to shoot images of a beautiful bike for its marketing brochure. The bike is the Limited Edition T3 Triumph “Ace 904 Thruxton Special” Ace Cafe Racer and was custom built by Tony Scott of T3 Racing. The client wanted the images of the bike to match the style of a shoot they saw with one of the bands that I work with so they gave me free reign to shoot how I thought would work.

We decided it appropriate to shoot at the Ace Cafe London as they are marketing and selling the bike. It was a good shoot on a really bright sunny day and we achieved some great images to work with.

Below is a few image grabs from the brochure where my photos have been used.

Rag Rag photos in The National

I got a mail last night from the Glen of the band Rag Rag, who I shot with a few weeks ago, and he updated me on the amazing exposure that they have been receiving. I really loved working with these guys because they just had their heads screwed on really well while being humble and down to earth.

They wrote a song called Fighting Pride as a tribute to boxer Manny Pacquaio and it has now become Manny’s theme song before his fights. Below is a scan of the photos I shot of them used in The National and then also a screen grab of their myspace. They’re really rad. Check them out and support what these guys are doing.

My Good Man Kane

Today I looked after my good buddy Kane and it was super rad hanging out with him. He’s the coolest little guy and just smiles and laughs the whole time. It was super scary because he has just started walking and is super inquisitive so he makes his way towards everything that looks remotely dangerous and grabs it or pulls it to the floor. I was so worried the little guy was going to hurt himself but he didn’t … thank goodness.

I shot a few black and white photos with the most basic gear I have used in years. Was really hard because he moved around so much so my readings changed from 1/50th right up to 1/400th and all in between.

They’re definitely not the most technical but I love them just because they show a bit of how he is.

Photo shoot with We Are The Ocean in Studio

I’ve worked with the guys from We Are The Ocean a few times and it’s always been a pleasure. This time the guys got me in to join them for a few days in studio while they recorded some new material and I photographed some behind the scenes (fly on the wall) shots of their time working as well as a few portrait shots that they would use to promote the new tracks.

The video above is just a quick edit of some footage during our time together including some swimming and bridge jumping into the Thames River.

The new stuff is amazing and definitely worth checking out so make sure to give the boys a good listen to.

You can also see some of the actual photos from the studio on and then some of the portraits on

Walking with my Diana Lens

I have been really busy with work for a while now and today was one of the first days where I just had some alone time and my girl was having a really lazy one sleeping on the couch so I decided to take my camera and Diana+ 38mm Plastic Lens for a walk to shoot some photos of the sky by the river. These are those.

The Dead Famous Flyer

A new band has formed as The Dead Famous and I shot photos with them for their promo to launch the project. Their first show has just been announced and the flyer has one of my photos in it. This is it.

Dead Heroes Feature in Front Magazine

I work with the guys from Young Guns quite a lot and it’s always a good time for me. Gustav is their front man and he is currently endorsed by Dead Heroes Clothing which is the brainchild of Mike from the band Lostprophets. Anyway, I shot a photo of Gus wearing one of the new range tees and the guys from Front Magazine used it in a feature. This is the page.