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The Wild Archive Flyers

Last year I worked with the guys from The Wild Archive while they were recording and working on their debut album which I love. The guys are really cool and they have just played their first show together which I sadly missed. They used 2 of the photos shot during their recording time to market the show. These are them.

New Criminal Damage Tearsheets

I work with Criminal Damage quite a lot and it’s always a good time. I just got sent a few things of where the photo’s were used so thought I would post them on here.

Featured in these two images are the very cool peeps being Elwood, Lora of The Sirens, Dan of The Dead Famous and Ryan of Rio.

All worth checking out.

Beautiful Day

I worked on a shoot last week and the weather was just really beautiful. It was cold but the sky was clear and super blue. I love days like that. Thought I’d shoot a photo.

Amelia is now a girl

On Saturday I got to spend time with my special friends (the Zanin’s) and their beautiful little girl who really has moved on from a baby and now has the most personality since the day she was born. She’s amazing and so cute and I love how much she has impacted my friends lives and how much she loves them and even more how much it shows their love for each other.

I shot some photos in the dark of her just hanging out and rocking on her little keyboard. Thought they work well as black and whites.

We Are The Ocean Single Artwork

The boys from We Are The Ocean have just release their first single (What It Feels Like) off their 2nd album which is dropping soon. The track is amazing and free to download from their website so do that now.

They used a photo I shot of Alfie that I took during their show at Kings College from the end of last year and I love how it came out.

Keep watching these guys, album two is going to be epic.

This is the artwork.