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Exploring along South Bank

It’s been a bit crazy here with a load of running around and I decided to take some time off on Thursday and just go “chill” out around South Bank with some good old 120 slide film.

I shot this photo of my setup for the day which was my beautiful Mamiya RZ67 Pro II fitted with a 37mm Fisheye.


Rudi Jeggle

My uncle (and great friend), Rudi Jeggle, pretty much got me into skateboarding back in the day and got me thinking about music from early on which pretty much were two huge influences of my life. He’s a super cool guy and I’ve looked up to him for ages. When I still lived in South Africa we used to skate together a lot and built a few obstacles in his warehouse that we used to private-session almost every day. I loved that time and we used to film and shoot a lot of photographs of each other. This is an image I shot of him one day and really like it.

Rudi is also a photographer and you should check out some of his work on his blog if you get a chance.

Good times.


Damnation Angels shot

I worked with a band called Damnation Angels in December shooting some promo images for their album, Bringer of Light, which releases next month. The shoot was super fun and I thought I would post one of the images that they are going to be using.

Fresh air and sun

Spent the day in the mountains. Proper beautiful here. I’m in love … again.


Work and play in Tyrol

Arrived this afternoon in Linz (Austria) and had a beautiful drive down to Tyrol (also Austria) where we will be staying for the next week in a cabin pretty much on the slopes … to shoot some photographs and get in some snowboarding hours. The entire area is completely covered and the slopes look perfect so it’s bound to be a good one.

I’m going to shooting quite a bit of photos here as well as playing with a GoPro so will get some of that stuff up on here soon.

For now … here is a snap of the car temperature gauge (which doesn’t count windchill) just to give you an idea of how cold it is. Hahaha.


First Instant Tests

I’ve been playing with my new baby by shooting off some old “polaroid” instant film and it’s amazing how rad the images come out … I am so excited. These are 4 scans of images that I really like so far. Much more to come soon.

Instagram easily motivates

Surely by now everyone, or at least everyone with an iPhone, knows what Instagram is all about. Just in case you don’t … Instagram is an app for iPhones that allows you to take a photo and edit it quickly with a few filter options and then upload it to your own gallery which you then use to interact with other users. I think it’s an amazing application and love the simplicity of it. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer shooting “proper” photographs but Instagram allows me to take a photo at any time of the day regardless of where I am (I don’t always have my full kit with me) and share it with friends and family. It’s easy to get motivation to shoot more.

If you’re on Instagram then hit me up on the username @marcusmaschwitz and if you don’t have the app yet then download it now and start shooting.

As well as a bunch of random posts, I will also be showing a bunch of behind-the-scene / setup shots and some sneak previews of work that I am busy with.

My new old baby

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@marcusmaschwitz) will have seen me tweeting about my “new baby” which I got a few days ago. I thought I would explain … I have wanted a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II for quite a few years now but have really battled finding one in a reasonable condition that I would be happy to call my own. I finally found one that belonged to a great landscape photographer (Peter Packer) and I am lucky that he was willing to part with her. I will be talking about her and posting a bunch of photos with her in the near future as well as discussing my experimentation with her … but for now here is one shot of her as an introduction … please may I introduce you to Zooey Mamma Mia. Haha. She’s in amazing condition and beautiful … I love her already.

Love London snow

It started snowing in London last night and I forgot how much I love it. The city looks so beautiful. Can’t wait to hit the Austrian Alps next week for some snowboarding.


Skating more … or trying to

I grew up skateboarding and in school we always used to wish for the days when we would have the most free time so we could skate everyday all day … that was a pretty unrealistic dream as with leaving school comes a lot of responsibilities and the need to work in order to get by … meaning much less skateboarding time … or ever free time in general.

Anyway, a few of my friends have moved over to London now and we’ve decided to try and skate every Saturday (where possible) and we’ve even met a bunch of other super nice guys to roll with. It’s been fun getting back into it again although I’m a lot more calculated now and definitely don’t think falling is as cool or funny as it used to be. Haha.

My friend Brendan (Monteiro) has joined us a few times to film and he shot some photos the last time round so I could teach him a bit about lighting. This is my favourite one he shot last time and although it’s not the greatest trick ever I do love having one of myself, because it was always me shooting.

I just took this photo of my iMac monitor using instagram.