14 March 2009 – Tonight I photographed 36 Crazy Fists live at The Electric Ballroom in Camden Town for an interview that was done with them before the show. I had the WORST headache in the world for some reason and that really put a damper on my mood for this show because of the pounding I knew I would be taking during the show, it is always a lot worse being right in front by the loud speakers as you can imagine. However, in saying that I had a really good time and saw some special friends up in the front row that I got to speak to for a bit before the actual show. These are a few of the shots that I took and and I will try and get a copy of the interview and post it on here when I can. I just want to say that this band definitely know what hardcore is about.







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  1. Totti
    Totti says:

    Dude, your photos are amazing. So so good. You are officially my hero photographer guy … and my friend too. Love ’em


  2. Dave Piper
    Dave Piper says:

    Again, great work,

    Bloody love this band. Think I have have to Bookmark your blog!

    Birmingham Wedding Photographer


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