03 November 2009 – Tonight the main feature was non other than 3OH!3 and they put on an awesome show.

After reading on their MySpace earlier today that they have had 209,174,148 song plays (the MOST I have ever seen) I was quite shocked that The Electric Ballroom wasn’t completely sold out. I guess that they are really new to the UK and don’t get me wrong there were a lot of people there but I have seen bands with not even a 100th of the amount of plays sell the venue out.

I am writing a review for an online magazine which I will update and post on here later but for this reason I am going to keep it short.

I just want to say that the lighting tonight was the worst and hardest I have ever worked with. There was so much over powering back lighting and then no front lighting at all. Plenty smoke and special instructions for no flash. There was just no atmosphere from a photo perspective but as a guest it was perfect. I don’t understand why they had the no flash rule with such bad lighting because the other photographer decided to not waste his time and left without even really shooting. I wanted to do the same because there really wasn’t much that could be done worth being proud of but I tried. I know I keep going on about this but I just do not understand why a band trying to make a success in the UK would not utilize the interested media to make sure that they get the absolute best coverage possible. That might help the venue to pass the half full (or half empty) mark.









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