12 May 2010 – Tonight I photographed the guys from 65DAYSOFSTATIC at Koko and I didn’t know what to expect but it was incredible.

The guys are super energetic onstage and go “off” each giving their full which is amazing to watch. It felt like a mix up (in sound and performance) of Thrice and Underoath which are both amazing bands except the difference is that these guys do not sing on any of their tracks. I have seen a bunch of bands do this before and I think that these guys are my best attempt at it. Personally though, I would prefer them to have vocals but that’s just my own personal thought and I feel that if they had the right person singing they could be one of my all time favourite bands. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is really to appreciate and enjoy what they are doing but I just think I have always been a lyrics person and I battle to get fully into the song because they are missing that. Either way, they are definitely worth checking out, especially live.

Unfortunately the lighting was really terrible. I normally love shooting at Koko and the lighting normally excites me but the set started off really dark and without the use of flash all that can be achieved really is silhouettes and although I love silhouettes I don’t really enjoy shooting all my shots as such. It’s a pity but I did my best and these are a few of my favourites. Might post a few more soon.

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