29 May 2010 – So personally my most memorable part of Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield had to be the really cool acoustic stage put together by the guys from Macbeth because it showcased some of my favourite artists in a new light by having them strip down their music (and some new material) and play it to a few people basically allowing us into their personal space and it was really intimate and quite a shock at how good they turned out.

The stage was just a little platform placed next to a large window so the lighting was pretty boring but I used it as a big soft box and just tried to get a few shots that I would be worth passing on to the guys. These photos include James Veck-Gilodi (Deaf Havana), Liam Cromby (We Are The Ocean), Hit The Lights, Gavin Butler and Sean Smith (both of The Blackout). Not sure who I preferred but if you ever get the chance to see any of these live, make sure not to miss that opportunity.

Good times.

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