30 September 2010 – Tonight I photographed the boys from Adelphia Of Kings playing at The Studio on the Isle of Wight and it was amazing to see how the guys have progressed since we first worked together.

It’s crazy how time flies but I realized that it’s been over a year since I first worked with Ash and Guy before the bands name changed, but after a few line up changes and tweaking within the band, the guys have definitely got a clear vision of where they are and what they want to be doing musically. The band seems really close, the set tonight was tight and although they are still really new in the scene the crowd really opened their ears and joined in the release of energy.

The set was just a little shorter than I would’ve liked but in saying that the guys never wasted anytime but rather just got to the point and killed it through the set right from the explosion of the first song. Their lyrics are deep, the band is driving, the set was tight and the energy was brutal. That’s the only way I can really explain it.

My favourite part of it all was thanks to the front man (Bob) who is the nicest most humble and friendly guy who on stage turns into a crazy out of control rampant raging wild man. These guys are going to be heard of a lot more in the future because they are what the deathcore / hardcore scene needs …. humble nice guys who go “OFF” on stage like a boxer killing a punchbag.

The lighting was really difficult to work with but these are a few of the images I shot.

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