30 April 2010 – A few weeks ago I was lucky to work with the really nice guys of After the Ordeal again and as always it was a super good time hanging out filled with tons of laughs.

The guys have been working really hard to get their new material out and it is exciting for me to be considered to be involved in this as I have heard and seen what their next steps are and it’s good. I’ve worked with the guys a few times over the last year and I cannot believe how much they keep progressing and maturing their sound and it is even more evident when looking back at their older work.

Anyway, I met up with the guys in Gravesend and we made our way around in their van scouting for locations but the sun was really bright out so I opted for us to utilize an old abandoned hut for some individual portraits. The hut was filled with pretty crap graffiti so I didn’t want the graffiti to stand out too much and darkened the background so that it would just fall back into the scene.

These are a few of the shots that we shot together during the day. I can only recommend that you guys give them a listen and make sure to check them out. Not only are they super passionate about making this work but also really decent fun guys that are good to have in the scene.

Their current single is called The End Never Comes and it not only sounds rad but has a REALLY powerful message so check out the video.

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  1. Ieuan
    Ieuan says:

    Awesome shots. How do you get such a crisp and bright foreground and keep the background so muted? How do you stop the flash lighting the wall behind and throwing crazy shadows?


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