21 December 2009 – This passed weekend in the freezing cold I had a shoot with the really nice guys of After the Ordeal and it was an amazing day out that started off with me having to push their tour van after Gary got it stuck in the ice when he came to collect me from Barnehurst Rail Station. We were proper jammed in so we had to make use of the 3 chav kids that passed us by. “Thanks guys”

Once we had stopped laughing we made our way to Gravesend in Kent to meet and pick up the rest of the guys from the band. They were all dressed really snug and none of them thought of bring a flask of coffee along and for the first time in AGES, I was really craving some. Clever ….. LONG PAUSE ….. Not.

We made our way through the country side in the van together and just scouted spots until we found ones that we thought would be worth shooting at and I was really happy with a few of them that we found. I got really over excited at the first spot when I saw all the snow and decided to run through it to the location and didn’t think of what it meant that my shoes filled up with snow and for the rest of the day my feet were so cold and so wet that I actually almost wanted to cry.

Anyway, this was the second time that I had worked with the guys and they have come a HUGE way since our last time together. They have since spent a lot of time working on some new material that I really like and think is going to take them forward in a big way. It’s really mature compared with their old stuff and it seems like they have taken influence from several of the bands that loop the favourites playlist on my iTunes. They have a demo sample on their myspace so make sure to check them out because they will be filming a music video for that single in the new year and it’s definitely something worth being excited about.

These are a few of the photographs I shot with them during the day that I like. Hope you are all well, Marcus

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