aKing is one of my favourite bands of late and their album has been killed in my cd player since it’s release. There is just something about them that I really like and I think I really relate to their style of music. It’s always super crowded at their shows so when I found out they were playing the live at 5 in studio this weekend I had to make a plan. The boss hooked it up for me as he was doing the mixing for the live feed. Anyway, as always, I had a good time and even though the lighting is always terrible, I shot a few photographs. These two are of Laudo, the frontman. His presence is super and really different to most other bands. He doesn’t run around going crazy but concentrates on making good music. If you haven’t listened to them yet, make a plan.laudo liebenberg from aking playing guitar in studio photographed by marcus maschwitzlaudo liebenberg is the frontman for aking photographed by marcus maschwitz

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