11 June 2009Alexisonfire played three really intimate and small shows at The Borderline in Soho and tonight was the last night of the 3 shows.

I went along to watch one of the best shows of my life but for different reasons to normal. These guys had almost too much energy for this small venue and the crowd went crazy in response to the show that they put on. I remember shooting with these guys just over two years ago and then I didn’t really enjoy the show much so I wasn’t expecting anything this time but they blew my perception right out of the water. This time they were incredible and I really felt what they were doing.

Their new album (Old Crows / Young Cardinals) comes out on 23 June 2009 and from what I have heard so far it is going to be a definite album to look out for. They have been given a lot of bad press because it’s been said that they have lost their screamo style but I find their new stuff a lot easier for me to relate to and I really like it. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy as it hits shelves.

Anyway, the venue was insane, PACKED full, REALLY low and SUPER dark and it was impossible to move around and I didn’t want to get trapped so I shot some photographs standing on a table to stage right. Luckily I had the use of my D3 because I could push the ISO level up allowing me to actually get some photographs.

UPDATE – You can read the review I shot for and see a few more photographs on Clink Music Magazine









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