25 January 2010 – Tonight at The Underworld, in Camden Town, something special went down that I feel really lucky to have been a part of. Alkaline Trio played an intimate hour and a half show for a very small group of people.

I’ve personally been a big fan of the Trio for a long time now and have already seen and shot photos of them twice before this show so it was really exciting when they announced that they would be playing this show at this historic venue and even more exciting when I was asked to go to it. The show was incredible and I cannot explain or try to give you any idea of what it was like but everything was perfect and the band seemed more comfortable and “at home” than I have ever seen them before. Definitely a way to get the crowd excited about their new album dropping next month.

As it was an intimate show purely for close fans, we made a decision to not get in the way and destroy the atmosphere by standing in front of everyone and rather enjoying the night with everyone else. For one song I managed to find a spot that put me out of everyones way so that I could shoot a few photographs of Matt that came out alright. The lighting in the venue is always dodgy because its all red or blue but again for me this was more about accommodating a review and capturing a personal special memory of a great night out.

Like Brendan from Clink Music Magazine put it perfectly “If you weren’t there, buy a stub on e-bay and pretend you were”.

Finally, I know that this isn’t a good photograph in the slightest but I walked to the back of the crowd and took a pic just to capture the venue as a whole to keep as a memory of how lucky I was to be at this show. For those of you that were there or those of you that have been to The Underworld before, I am sure that you will appreciate this.

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