I shot photographs with Alkaline Trio last night and it was again a super show. I really like them live and feel they give a really good performance. Because they are quite a dark band, the lighting is mostly back lit and because you cannot use flash with bands like this, it makes it quite hard to shoot the way I would normally like (especially without smoke). For this reason I opted to shoot dark images and this is the result. Not as nice as I would’ve usually been able to get but I like them. I did shoot for a magazine so I cannot show any of the other stuff until the issue comes out but I had to post something because I have been getting mails asking about these.

After many emails I have also decided to post my images a little bigger so you will see that this has started with this post. Hopefully that will help you see better.

I hope you are all well. Marcus

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  1. ravi
    ravi says:

    dude… i’m so jealous…. really nice, especially the last one… are you going to be shooting Dear Reader when they play there?

    hope you’re well…


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