05 October 2009 – Tonight I photographed the guys from All Time Low at Electric Ballroom in Camden Town and I realized first hand that I am definitely getting older considering I seemed to be one of the only people there that was over 25.

Regardless, this didn’t change anything of the evening. I need to be honest and say that I didn’t really know about these until about 2 weeks ago when I was asked to shoot the show and I didn’t know what to expect although my pre-idea was leaning towards it being cheesy. This wasn’t the case at all and the guys made it clear that they spend a good amount of time focusing on their sound and their writing. The night was good, the band played hard and the crowd loved every bit of it. That’s all a show needs right?!

This is the 3rd show in a row that I was shooting at Electric Ballroom and again I am going to push the fact that I think it is probably my worst venue. The stage is too high and the lights are not well thought out. Tonight also had the added addition of the fullest photographers pit I have ever been in and majority of the ladies in there were the die-hard fan types so it got a bit crazy. I think I managed to get a few shots anyway and these are a just some of them.

Nevermind, as always, fun times were to be had. If you into pop punk, make sure to check these guys out. They do it well.















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