WOW, what a hectic last few days. I have been running around like a mad man and delivering deadlines that I thought would never be possible and then I got sick for the weekend which was filled with shoots which only made it interesting. I think I might have overdone it slightly though so my body put me out of action for Sunday and most of yesterday but I am feeling strong again and ready to push on.

I have just finished off a little bit more for the site which is getting me excited to finish more. I still have a lot of stuff to filter through and stuff to add but the structure of the site seems to be working for now so that is the biggest part for me. Now it is just a matter of going through my work and trying to get it up here.

Thank you to everyone for the super cool mails of encouragement that I have been receiving lately. It really inspires me to push on and keep living my dream. Your support means more to me than you know.

I hope you are all well. Chat soon, Marcus

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