After 2 weeks of really hard work and a lot more work still ahead, I can definitely say that there is no harder thing for me (besides going to the doctor / dentist) than working on my personal stuff. This is one of those prime examples as I have been wanting to make changes to this (my portfolio website) and every time I begin, I end just as quick because it’s too hard.

I still have a lot to do with regards to the actual portfolio galleries but the actual layout and backend coding is done so now I can focus on the actual visuals. Right now I have only got three galleries up (Group Portraits, Individual Portraits and Live Music) and the selection in each of these sets is quite minimal and slightly out of date but that is my next step.

Lately I have been receiving a bunch of mails asking me about my photography gear and my work process and although I really appreciate these, and try my best to get back to everyone, it has become quite time consuming and this often gets me working less on actually shooting photographs and getting my work up here. I will still be trying my best to get back to everyone but have added as much information on this site so that hopefully it will help you with the questions you have. Feel free to still email me with anything else you have as I definitely read everything.

Anyway, here is it, the screengrab for my website that you are hopefully already seeing.


Please shout if you see any mistakes or have any ideas as to what you think I could do to make it better in any way. I will still be tweaking and making a few changes during the next few weeks and will make sure to update you here as things get added.

Thanks for looking and most of all thank you for the support and amazing feedback that I have been receiving of late. It is super inspirational to me and I am motivated more now than ever to produce good things and push myself so keep looking back.

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