15 October 2009 – Tonight a lucky few of us were treated to something really special thanks to the guys from Anti-Flag as they rocked the sounds of the legendary band, The Clash.

I need to immediately say that these photos are not an example of my work but rather just a bunch of images for me to document an awesome moment in time. Basically, the guys played an intimate set of covers in the Eastpak store in Carnaby Street and because it was just in the store, there really was no special lighting or smoke or anything to really make the photographs interesting. Quite some time ago I downloaded the free application called Poladroid and haven’t really had any chance to use it and thought that it might be quite fitting for this night just because I wanted to post something about it.

The band did an amazing job considering the greatness that they were covering and it was amazing how they managed to make the songs their own and my highlight had to be when George Pettit of Alexisonfire stepped up to the mic to sing along. This is really what music is about. Good times and good memories.

I have always been a fan of all three bands so for me this was really special and I definitely have a greater appreciation for them all for shaping music to what it is today, for pushing causes that they believe in, for being down to earth, being passionate and for making music that makes for a perfect soundtrack as I live my life.

Tonight was a good night.











Currently listening to : The Clash – London Calling.

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