18 October 2010 – About two weeks back I worked with the Ollie and Matt, who make up Arkarna, on a photo shoot to put together a collection of new press images that the guys can use to promote the new stuff they have been working on.

It’s been a while since Arkarna have released new material but the wait is well worth it and the new stuff that they have shown me is really great. They’ve really taken time to get things done right. It’s one of those projects that I cannot wait to be complete because I am excited to see where it goes. Even their music video that they are working on is unique and done with so much detail. You’ll have to just wait and see I guess but it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

It was really great working with these guys at such a fitting location and the shoot was smooth and fun to work on. Catherine Chater handled make up and my good friend Brendan helped me with setting up and just general rubbish talking.

Check these guys out, especially when they get everything out.

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