bayside live at the forum

30 May 2009 – Tonight I photographed Bayside at The Forum. They are currently touring with New Found Glory.

I have to admit to being a fan of Bayside and have all their albums in my CD collection so I was looking really forward to seeing them perform for my first time. I was really bummed out because the lady that was working the VIP booth wasn’t doing her job right and sorrily told me that I wasn’t on the list to shoot the show although it was organized through their tour manager and no matter how much I tried to explain to her the situation, she was convinced that she was right and time was starting to run out now that I was hearing the band finishing off their first song (there is a three song rule that most bands / venues have where professional photographers are only allowed the first three songs to shoot their photographs without being allowed to use flash). After much argument and my stress levels rising I called the tour manager and he told her what he thought and all of a sudden she looked on the right page and saw my name there. WTF. I have to laugh at things like this.

Anyway, so I ran in, fought through the full crowd to catch the last minute (if that) of the third song. I shot a few photographs but really nothing that I would brag about. Thank goodness that I was only commissioned to shoot the follow up band so I don’t need to explain my way out of this. I did love watching these guys. I think that Anthony’s voice is amazing and different and I really feel a connection to his writing. Hopefully they will play in London again soon and I won’t have to deal with that same lady when I shoot next time.

bayside photographed by marcus maschwitz

anthony raneri performing in london

bayside live in london

bayside is fronted by anthony raneri

anthony raneri of bayside

anthony raneri in london at the forum

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  1. Allanna
    Allanna says:

    I travelled from Glasgow to see Bayside play, broke my camera a week before so i have no photos of this night so it makes me happy to see at least some, which are amazing :)
    They were great that night but the crowd didn’t seem to care so much, then again you get that when bands are only supporting.

    Sorry to hear about the mix up too, it’s happened to one of my friends before, isn’t fun at all.


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