26 September 2012 – For a while now I have been intrigued by Beth Jeans Houghton so it was a pleasure to photograph her playing with her band at Kings College.

I was wasn’t sure if the live show would be able to do the recorded material any justice but I knew that I had nothing to worry about the second the band took to the stage. Beth owns it and really is a natural at leading a set making sure to include the crowd throughout.

One of my top shows for this year especially when the entire room started screaming (releasing their inhibitions) together during the set and inviting the crowd on stage at the end to dance along. Love that.

Beth is often compared to a bunch of artists but I definitely think she has her own thing going on here so rather check her out and listen with fresh ears. She’s a great song writer with some crazy “pop” tunes and her band is amazing.

This is what music should be like! Raw and emotional! I work with a lot of bands … you don’t see it often.

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