09 June 2009 – The guys from Billy Talent were in London touring and I got to interview Ben (front man) and Jonathan (Bassist) on their up and coming album due next month (13 July 2009).

I was pretty nervous for this because I am quite a fan of the Talent but the guys were all super cool and I immediately felt comfortable with them and it really made my job easy and it’s always a good feeling for me when people I look up to are just cool normal guys. I had very little gear with me because I was shooting a live show that night and it all gets really heavy which sucked because I couldn’t do anything too creative considering the dark and dingy backstage area of the Camden Underworld so I just took these quick portraits of the guys but I think they are still quite rad because of the personalities in them. So technically they aren’t anything to brag about but I like them.



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