24 October 2009 – WOW, today was a good day. I photographed with Bloc Party for the second time this year and it was the first time that I was going to a show in Brighton which is an amazing town.

It was only fitting that the guys started off their set with Waiting for the 7.18 and it got everyone super excited the second they sang the lines “Let’s drive to Brighton on the weekend”. Perfect.

This is one of my favourite bands and after 2 incredible shows definitely one of my favourite live bands. I was really excited to shoot with them again because the last time the lighting was quite hard to work with and I thought that tonight I would have a bit of luck to try something different. Unfortunately for me the lighting rig was exactly the same as it was earlier this year so I was pretty much shooting in the same situation except that the front lighting was further back tonight so there was less lighting for me to work with. In saying this I have to add at after shooting I made my way to the back of house to enjoy the rest of the show and as a spectator the lighting couldn’t have been more interesting. I guess we as photographers need to remember that the band is there to entertain and not really make our jobs easier.

Anyway, I shot a few photos that I really like and most of them are of Kele because he just dominates the stage and the other guys were in worse lighting them he was. I tried to get some silhouette images and also shoot from slightly side of the stage so that I could use the back lighting as the main light and it seems to have worked alright on some of them. The first image of this set is probably one of my favourite live images for this year and I am so happy that it is of an amazing artist like Kele. I wish that I could show what it looks like in full resolution but I’ve tried that before and seen my work published without my approval so I don’t think that will happen again until it comes out in press. I really also like the shot from the back of house.

I hope you like. Marcus


















Currently listening to : Bloc Party – Flux (how could it not be after this show).

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  1. Ollie
    Ollie says:

    u should taken a few more of the crowd, like the front row and back into the crowd… i was there :D
    great photos


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