Last night I photographed Bloc Party which was really amazing. When we moved to London just over 3 months ago I bought tickets for the Wife and I to go because it is one of her most favourite bands. I didn’t think that 3 months later I would be commissioned to go and shoot the show so it was an absolute honour and I gave my ticket to our sister and the 3 of us went to party.

They were amazing and so super humble and that makes me like them even more. I love it so much when bands remember where they came from and thank their listeners for getting them to where they are because without them bands would never get big. These are a few of the photographs that I shot during the show, I have a whole lot more and will try sort through them later and try add a few more if I get a chance. In the meantime enjoy these and if you would like to see some more, you can do so by visiting my Music Photography Blog by Clicking HERE.

Have a super day and keep well. Marcus

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