28 January 2010 – In December my friend Ravi told me about a band that he was really into called Blood Red Shoes and after giving them a listen I was really excited about their stuff.

I didn’t think that a month later I would be shooting them at The Lexington and I was really excited to see how this duo were going to bring their music to a live set. As is always the case with this venue, the lighting from a photographers point of view is absolutely crap but it is one of my favourite venues because the acoustics always seem good and because the shows are always really intimate and there is nothing better for a music lover.

The crowd wasn’t the greatest because it seemed like no one was there for the actual music (pity because I know so many people that were dying to get in). This didn’t bother the band and they just did what they do which was a pleasure to watch. I cannot wait for their new album to drop and to see more of their growth. I have a feeling it’s going to be a big one.

Blood Red Shoes is made up of Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter and if you haven’t heard of them before, make sure to check out their MySpace and give them a listen.

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