14 September 2010 – One of my favourite bands from back in the day was definitely Boo! and I was really sad in 2004 when they decided to go on hiatus.

Race forward 6 years to now to where Chris and Ampi join up with Riaan to reform which got me really excited but not as excited as finding out that the guys were playing in London tonight. It was all really last minute and very rushed on my behalf but I made it to the venue just in time for the show.

I honestly forgot how unique these guys are and how entertaining they are as a live act. The lighting was terrible for taking photos but I didn’t care as I just wanted to absorb the experience for once. It was a great set showcasing some old and new material and my feet were dancing from the start.

I wish that more people knew about these guys but then the intimacy of this gig would be impossible. I took a few shots and these are them.

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  1. Damien
    Damien says:

    Hey Marcus ,

    We were lucky enough to see [and photograph] these guys in Durban at a wicked club called The Origin 2 months ago, Gees they rocked the socks off the main floor that they were performing man. Small intimate vibe too that was incredible man. Such stage persona it was insane! Loved every minute of it, to be honest I had never seen them live before and hadn’t actually heard too much of their music , BUT they blew us away man. After much taunting from the crowd they performed “Come”. Goosebump stuff man!!!!!!!! Rock on man!!


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