09 February 2012 – Tonight Canterbury played their London headline show at Kings College and I was super excited to take some photos.

Unfortunately for me I had my second crazy delay thanks to the snow (which was beautiful by the way) and this resulted in me getting to the venue when the guys had already taken to stage. The crowd was full up and I battled to move anywhere without upsetting anyone for standing in their way so I kept to the stage side and took a few shots from there. Unfortunately though I was restricted to shooting what was within my view.

Anyway, the show was amazing and these guys are going to explode soon. They just have to. Their recorded stuff is so damn good and their live set is really fun with everyone (EVERYONE) in the crowd singing and dancing along. I cannot wait until they bring out more material and for them to play near me again soon.

Make sure to look them up … if you don’t you’ll feel stupid when everyone else already has.

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