06 November 2011 – I arrived at Roundhouse just in time to catch the last few Canterbury tracks so I thought I would check lighting and grab a few shots.

I’ve never seen these guys play live before and I am honestly kicking myself and feeling stupid because of this. I loved the few songs that I saw them play … they’re tight and their stuff is catchy as hell.

I was tapping feet all set even though it was completely out of sink but I got home and bought the album right away. Honestly cannot wait for the new album and to see these guys again live soon.

If you don’t know much of them yet either … I guarantee you that this won’t be for long. They have a video that just came out for their latest single, More Than Know and it’s amazing. Check it out right now HERE.

I am honestly excited about these guys and hope to work with them again properly sometime in the future.

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