16 April 2009 – Tonight I shot photographs with Cassette as they played a showcase to launch their latest album Who do you trust?. The show was at the Monto Water Rats which was a really cool intimate venue and the crowd was strong as is always the case with Cassette.

I always really enjoy shooting with these guys (and girl) because they really love what they do and make sure to involve the crowd as much as they can and this was was a typical case where the crowd had a lot to give. The show included mostly new tracks from the new album as well as a few golden oldies. I have to say that the new stuff really is sounding good and that it is incredible how much they have pushed themselves as a band to make something new. I had to rush off to get the train because we are still living out of London (only 2 more weeks) so I didn’t have a chance to get my hands on a copy of the album and now I am really regretting this. It would definitely be rocking my Macbook right now as I finish off this post.

The lighting was really weird to photograph in compared to normal but it wasn’t a bad thing, it was just different and quite hard to work with. Most of the time the front man, Jon, was the only one in full light so most of these photographs are of him. I also really battled to get to the front because of the full crowd but I think there are a few really good ones in this set and that they will give you an idea of how they perform live.

In finishing, I have to add that it is a real pity that they only played one show while here in the UK because I really would enjoy watching them again. Check out their website or myspace if you have a chance and give them a listen.













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