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JD Wrap with CuT

Last week I had another shoot with the guys from CuT, for an up-coming Jack Daniel’s campaign that I’ve been working on, so we decided to take a wrap photo before packing up. A great bunch of guys definitely worth checking out.


Video Shoot Wrap

This evening I wrapped shooting a music video that I’d been working on for a few days for a new artist called Vagabond Flag. The shoot went really well and I love working with a great team that I can trust. I often forget to shoot a “wrap photo” but not today … this is that photo. Will post the video link up as soon as we’re finished with the edit and grade.


Ziey photo shoot BTS

A few weeks ago I had a photo shoot with Ziey for new press images to support the latest stuff he’s been working on. It was really good spending time together and exploring new parts of the city together to find locations.

Patrick from Hot Money took a shot of us working so I thought I would post up the shot along with one of the actual photos that I took at that moment.

Ziey has just released a new video so take a moment to give it a view / listen.



Our crazy “Machine”

Pretty much 8 months ago, I spent a weekend locked inside a dirty, dusty and cold warehouse making a music video for my friends in What Now. We worked the entire weekend without sleep because we had to build the set, shoot the video and clean up before the warehouse was being used again on Monday so that we could save money.

During the time we smashed up 4 pianos, 3 organs, 2 drum kits, 2 violins, 2 keyboards, 3 guitars, radios, patch-bays, microphones, fans, speakers and a bunch of other stuff only to put them back together to construct our own “machine”. We had a lot of fun and only suffered a few injuries, including one drill to the head, but it was definitely one of the funnest shoots I’ve worked on (with Tyron Layley, Adam Jenkins, Ryan Morris, Brendan Monteiro and Ryan Prout).

I shot a few stills during the time but haven’t looked at them until now only because I found it really hard to capture what we had created … these are my favourites.











Photo shoot with Colt 45

Today I photographed some new promo images with the guys from Colt 45 for their label Visible Noise. These will be released really soon and I am excited because it was a great shoot with the guys. I’m a big fan of their music and they’re super nice guys so it was an absolute pleasure catching up and working together.

Thought I would post up these 2 behind-the-scene photos that they posted on Instagram today which show me working.

Look them up … they’re going to be everywhere soon.

colt45 shoot 1

colt45 shoot 2

Photo shoot with Audiogold

Today I had a promotional photo shoot with the guys (and lady) of the band Audiogold. We shot in Highgate Wood and it was quite chilly out but I had a really good time and think that we got some great shots which I will be editing later this week.

These photos were posted by the band on their Instagram account so I thought I would share them because it’s always hard for me to shoot my own behind-the-scenes photographs.




Shooting with Criminal Damage

Today I spent the day shooting a fashion editorial for Criminal Damage Clothing around East London. Always a good time working with them and this photo was taken by Anthony Niinemae … always funny seeing myself work.


Arizona BTS

A few weeks ago I worked with the super nice guys from Arizona who were out on tour from Belgium. I shot a bunch of new promo images for them and they posted a photo on Instagram of us working so I thought it would be good to get that up along with one of the images that resulted from that scene.

Good guys … look them up!

Arizona - Working


On the road in SA

Tour life is a good life but it is not a glamorous and we’ve been living in the van for a week now (driving on average of 10 hours a day) so the space is starting to feel smaller than it did at the start of the tour. We’ve seen some amazing scenery and I’ve been reminded how many beautiful parts of South Africa there are (forgetting about the really scrappy towns we’ve visited as well).

These 3 photographs are from my Instagram feed (@marcusmaschwitz) and are pretty much my view from the last week. How cramped is my work space?

Love being on the road again with such good people!




TBO – Take Away The Misery Video

My friends in The Blackout just released a video for their track “Take Away The Misery” and it’s a collection of footage from time on the road, shows, rehearsals and general stupidity. They asked me to help them document some stuff for them including their main stage performance at Reading Festival and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them again as always.

Love these guys.