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Orchid Up Close

I shot this photograph of an Orchid plant that is growing in my garden. I walk passed it everyday and everyday I say that I should shoot a photograph of it but then I don’t. Today I did and this is it.

Have a super weekend. M

orchid plant up close photographed by marcus maschwitz


Everytime we drive to the dam, Anja carries on and on (in a good way) about how much Cosmos there is growing at the moment and I always promise to shoot it and I don’t because we run out of time. This weekend was again one of those times except I shot two photographs quick. I didn’t have all my gear with me so they aren’t really the best but I do like them. Cosmos are rad.Cosmos growing near Bronkhorstspruit photographed by Marcus MaschwitzCosmos growing near Bronkhorstspruit photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

My Red Flower

Been reading a lot about taking photographs of flowers and then looked back through my stuff and saw this photo that I shot of a flower in my garden while I was studying photography back in 2001. I really like this photo a lot. Hopefully you will too …..