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Interview in Departure

A really cool quarterly magazine has been launched called DEPARTURE and they ran a short interview feature on my photography work in the music scene here in London. They also ran an advert for Verb which featured a bunch of my photos of the bands involved in the project.

The magazines rad, well written and free so make sure to try get a copy if you can.



Interview in Quint Magazine

A few weeks ago the guys over at Quint Magazine contacted me about featuring my work in their next issue which would be known as their music issue. I flipped through a few copies of the magazine and really liked what they were doing so I agreed and today the magazine hit the shelves. Currently the magazine is only available in Dubai (stocked in all Virgin Megastores) but is also available to read for free online.

I answered a few questions about what it is like working as a music photographer here in London and you can read all about it from page 56 of issue 12. Read it for free here. The rest of the magazine is very cool too so give it a full read. I feel really grateful for this so “thanks guys”.

Interview in Stencil Magazine

The super nice guys over at Stencil Magazine ran an interview with me about my work which is out in this months current issue.

The magazine is free so check it out if you have the time HERE.

Thanks guys.

Interview with The South African

WOW. This year really has started off well and it hasn’t even really started for me. Last week I had an interview with the really nice people at The South African which is a newspaper focused at Global South Africans (Saffas) living abroad and the interview is about my life here in London and my work here as a music photographer.

The newspaper hits news stands today and I have been sent a few copies so I will try and get a scan / photo of this up when I can but in the mean time there is a teaser online which you can read if you have the time by CLICKING HERE. Below is a screen grab of the online issue.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Much appreciated. Marcus