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Don Don and Bunny

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot more time shooting personal stuff. It reminds me that I fell in love with photography because the idea of a photograph blew my mind and not because I wanted to make a living from it. I’m obviously really grateful that I get to do what I love for work but it’s a great feeling to have my passion spark again.

These are my buddies Don Don and Bunny … probably one of my favourite photos taken this year.


John Taylor of Young Guns

I’ve been spending a bunch of time with the guys from Young Guns, while they’ve been working on their new album, and it’s been great as always.

I shot this photo with John a few weeks back while taking a break during the video shoot for their latest music video.

I really like it.


Hanging in Brighton

Sometimes I find it quite hard to shoot photographs during “chill time” because my days are constantly spent taking photographs for clients so I almost feel like I need the time off. It’s quite weird because I never got into photography to make a living out of it (that just happened) but rather because I loved the idea of being able to capture a moment. I’ve started shooting more in my off time (especially when I am traveling) and it’s been a really good feeling as I’m feeling more inspired which seems to be pushing my commercial work as well as my motivation.

I shot this photo of my buddy Tyron down in Brighton on a day out.


City Water Flyer

I shot some promo images for the guys in City Water and they’ve used one of the images for an upcoming show of theirs.

City Water - Show Flyer - 229

Portraits of Drake McElroy

Last year in Madrid, while out for the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid, I photographed a few portraits of Drake McElroy.

Drake is super nice and this was a great pleasure for me because I got really into dirt-bikes back in the day when I saw him ride in old videos. He’s got the “sweetest” riding style and seems to have more fun on a bike than most people have now … it’s definitely in his blood.

Besides riding, Drake is one of the head judges for Red Bull X-Fighters and used to present an awesome show called Drakes Passage … you can watch these online still so make sure to do that.

These are just two of the shots that I took but I’m really happy with the entire set. Hopefully it’s not the last time I get to work with him.



Adam Jenkins Portraits

A few months ago I shot some lifestyle portraits with my friend Adam Jenkins. He’s a great drummer for a band called “What Now“, longboard-rider, photography enthusiast and all round fun guy to be around so I wanted to capture some of that in a few photos.

These are them …








The Blackout – Final Party Tour (Take 2)

My friends in The Blackout had to, unfortunately, reschedule their recent tour but have just announced the new dates and it’s definitely going to be a good party. The photo on the poster is made up of some individual portraits I shot with the guys that I really like. Make a plan to get to a show of theirs if you can.

The Blackout Final Party Tour Take 2

Photo shoot with Audiogold

Today I had a promotional photo shoot with the guys (and lady) of the band Audiogold. We shot in Highgate Wood and it was quite chilly out but I had a really good time and think that we got some great shots which I will be editing later this week.

These photos were posted by the band on their Instagram account so I thought I would share them because it’s always hard for me to shoot my own behind-the-scenes photographs.




Arizona BTS

A few weeks ago I worked with the super nice guys from Arizona who were out on tour from Belgium. I shot a bunch of new promo images for them and they posted a photo on Instagram of us working so I thought it would be good to get that up along with one of the images that resulted from that scene.

Good guys … look them up!

Arizona - Working


Move Like A Sinner SA Tour

My friends in What Now have just announced a really cool tour in South Africa which is going down in September. They used one of my photos for the flyer.

Make sure to get to one of their shows if you can and party with them.