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New Favourite Combo

In the last few months I’ve been thinking a bit more about my gear setup and trying stuff I wouldn’t normally consider shooting with … the result has meant I’ve ended up buying a bunch of new toys and it’s been really exciting. Currently my favourite setup is the Nikon 810 with the Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art Lens. It’s so good that I’ve actually bought another D810 purely so I can one setup like this at all times in my bag ready to play with. Never did I think that I’d be opting Sigma glass over Nikon glass but this lens (along with the 35mm F1.4) is in a completely different class compared to the equivalent Nikon offerings.


Behind the scenes: Don Broco Shoot

I constantly get emails asking how I shoot and what my setup is when I work on a photo shoot and it’s impossible for me to reply to every single email especially because I am actually a photographer and not a teacher or admin guru. I thought that for this reason I would post another setup blog from a shoot I did with the super cool guys from a band called Don Broco up in Bedfordshire.

The guys were a flippen bunch of laughs but in a good way. Had a lot of fun working with them.

Anyway, the one location we shot at was next to a lake with the sun setting in the back. This is what the final photo looked like.

I used a 3 light setup for this shoot roughly placed in these positions (don’t hold me to the exact distances and angles) and the ring light is actually meant to represent my beauty dish but this app didn’t have that as an option. Haha.

All lighting is supplied by Profoto packs (Pro-7b and AcuteB to be exact). I took a photo with my iPhone of the setup in pretty much the same position as we shot. As you can see the sky actually looked like that and I never added in or edited the sky to make it look how it does in the final. Just some good lighting and a bit of tweaking on curves, levels, contrast, sharpness and colouring well importing the RAWS and obviously a few slight cosmetic clean-ups.

Not sure if this benefits anyone at all but it’s up anyway for those of you that care.

Make sure to check these guys out. They are super fun and worth supporting.

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The Pleasures of my work

This is just a random post after a video I saw yesterday sparked me to think about my work and helped me to remember how much fun I have doing what I do.

Last month I worked with We Are The Ocean for the week that they were in studio recording new tracks for an exciting release they are working on. I have worked with these guys for almost a year and a half now and I am really passionate about their music and the effort and time they put into what they are doing so spending time with them in studio (which is quite an intimate and important time for a band) was really special for me.

We worked together, listened a lot, played wii, ate rubbish cheap food, swam, jumped off bridges, walked, explored, listened a lot more, lazed around, slept, hummed, spoke rubbish, sang with the ninja and then on the last day quite early we decided to shoot a few portraits. The lighting during this time was really not the greatest just because it was SO harsh with a lot of moving clouds so it changed dramatically every 30 seconds (aperture reading changing from f7.1 to f18) but we made a plan and tried to get the best with what we had. We found this crazy dodgy location and below is one of the final photographs that I shot followed by 4 that Dan shot of us getting the set ready.

I love what I do.

Working with Trina and James

I haven’t posted on here properly in a while because I have been super busy and this is a good excuse. Haha.

I was contacted a while ago by a really cool couple that are getting married later this year. Trina’s family following tradition wanted to show photos of the two of them on their wedding day so we met up for a shoot in the beautiful Morden Hall Park on a really warm day out.

At the time I was being assisted by two very helpful and fun ladies (Maya and Robin) that were out in London on a work experience placement from Holland. It was great working with them and sadly they have gone back to finish off their studies.

Anyway, this is a photo or Trina and James sitting on a park bench in the full sunlight and then the next photo I took a little further back so you can see Maya and Robin supporting a Profoto light with a big softbox to break the couple out from the killer sun. I thought I would share and use this to wish Trina and James all the best with their journey forward together. Getting married is a fun time.

I also liked these scenes so posting a few more.

My Friend Alice

I really like shooting special photographs of my close friends to keep as memories that reflect their personalities but this isn’t an easy thing to do because I don’t ever want them to feel uncomfortable or force the photo because I want to really capture them in the shots so that they are personal. I have said to Keli that I want to shoot a photo with her for ages but it has just never ever happened and I have never been happy with the ideas that I have had until today. It was Keli’s birthday and she dressed up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland which seemed fitting to how she is so I decided (assisted by Warren Zanin) to create a fantasy theme under some bushes in their back garden with some props and this is the result.

I have always been asked what my setups are and I have so little time that I never ever show them but decided that I would make the effort for this one because I have just been sent a photo of me shooting this shot and I think its funny. Basically I used 4 X Nikon SB-800’s for this shot with the main light going through a Rayhead Ring Flash and then only the fill light on camera right being shot through an umbrella to fill in the space under the bush.

I really like this shot and would love to hear what you think of it so feel free to let me know if you have the time even if its just questions regarding this shoot. Below is the final photo then a rough setup diagram and then a photo of me working on this shoot.




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