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Familia collab with Roger Ballen

During my time studying photography, back in the day (2001 and 2002), I did a lot of research on Roger Ballen‘s work and since then I’ve grown a huge appreciation of it … this obviously excited the hell out of me when I found out that he had done a collaboration with the guys over at Familia on a series of skateboards.

My collection of all 5 decks arrived this morning and I cannot wait to get them hung up in a good space soon.

Familia and Roger Ballen skateboard collaboration

Hanging in Brighton

Sometimes I find it quite hard to shoot photographs during “chill time” because my days are constantly spent taking photographs for clients so I almost feel like I need the time off. It’s quite weird because I never got into photography to make a living out of it (that just happened) but rather because I loved the idea of being able to capture a moment. I’ve started shooting more in my off time (especially when I am traveling) and it’s been a really good feeling as I’m feeling more inspired which seems to be pushing my commercial work as well as my motivation.

I shot this photo of my buddy Tyron down in Brighton on a day out.


Verb Range with my board

Last year I worked on a collaboration with the guys at Verb on a photographer series of skateboards and it was one of the most exciting things for me purely because I’ve been skateboarding for so long and have always wanted my own board.

I got sent this advert that ran in South Africa for the range which included my board. They completely sold out so I am happy that I have a few saved for my studio (and some to skate).


My Own Board

I’ve been skateboarding for about 16 years now and essentially skateboarding is responsible for sparking my interest in photography. I photographed some amazing riders over the years for some amazing magazine features both on tour and for editorial commissions so I feel that this is a huge honour to be a part of … Verb has just released a photographer tribute series of skateboards featuring 3 photographers and I am one of them.

I got to shape the board to the size that I normally ride (8 x 32 inches) and I have just set one up to skate … she rides like a beauty.


Photographer Tribute Series

An exclusive collaboration between Verb and some of South Africa’s most illustrious counterculture photographers, who individually, have tirelessly documented the personalities, and the life and times of skateboarding, music and art.


Photographer Tribute Boards

The guys at Verb are going to be releasing a Photographer Tribute Series of skateboards and they have selected myself and 2 other photographers to work with on this project.

I am So excited about this because I have skateboarded for about 16 years now and worked with these guys for quite a few of these over the years. I also got to shape my board so cannot wait to skate it soon.


Skateboarding again

I started skateboarding about 15 years ago and over the years I stopped and started a bunch of times only because life gets in the way and things happen and change … it’s not a bad thing but lately I have been really missing it. It’s weird because I have been skating again for about the last year but have really battled to make time for it so it’s not really happened as much as I like … even though I am really enjoying it again.

I guess that essentially skateboarding has definitely been the biggest “shaper” of who I am as a person. It taught me to be free, got me into the music that I listen to, started my interest in photography, allowed me to meet my wife, showed me the world (or at least a lot more of it than I would’ve seen without it) and generally built the character that I am.

I set up a scene in my friends warehouse a few weeks back and setup some light so that he could shoot a photo of me so that I can look at it and keep motivated. I want to try and get back into it more from the new year.

Anyway, I recently watched the Bones Brigade autobiography documentary and that’s motivated it even more.

Here’s to skateboarding. Haha.


A skateboard oldie of Moses

I was working through all my backups this last week and found this photo of Moses that I shot back in the day. It’s one of my favourites that I shot with him.

Skateworld – Edenvale – April 2006

Skating with PJ

My buddy, Alastair, and I have been skating quite a lot together in the last year and he pushes me loads again which is super fun. I worked on a shoot the other day and had some props left over so thought it would be cool to use a few of them for something personal before we get rid of them. I had an idea in mind and we shot these photos the other night. The only difference in lighting between the two is the use of a purple gel on the back light in the first one. Kickflip and pop-shuvit … in that order.

It’s good every now and then to shoot something that isn’t a commissioned work piece to keep the “passion” I have for photography there.

Rudi Jeggle

My uncle (and great friend), Rudi Jeggle, pretty much got me into skateboarding back in the day and got me thinking about music from early on which pretty much were two huge influences of my life. He’s a super cool guy and I’ve looked up to him for ages. When I still lived in South Africa we used to skate together a lot and built a few obstacles in his warehouse that we used to private-session almost every day. I loved that time and we used to film and shoot a lot of photographs of each other. This is an image I shot of him one day and really like it.

Rudi is also a photographer and you should check out some of his work on his blog if you get a chance.

Good times.


KFD Tattoo Series

Over the years I have worked really closely with the guys from KFD Skateboards and it has always been a really good time. Recently I was contacted by a designer from California named Quoc Lu as he was wanting to build up his portfolio to break into the action sports scene and he used 3 of my photographs to put together an ad campaign for his portfolio.

I almost forgot about it and then he sent me back these three images which I really like. He did some research on the product and used the Tattoo Series as his basis for the ads and I thought I would post them because I also really love these 3 photographs that I shot of the guys.