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Martin Klein meets Isaac McHale

I was recently commissioned by Red Bull to photograph some images of Chef Martin Klein visiting Chef Isaac McHale. Martin Klein is the Executive Chef for the Ikarus restaurant, at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, and each month they hve a guest chef…
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Andy and The Red Pig

Every now and then I shoot some personal work (when time allows) and most of the time this will be portraits of someone interesting that I meet or of someone just doing something cool ... Andy is both of these. He owns and runs The Red Pig which…

Pizza Mission with Simon Mitchell

My buddy Simon and I both love food and recently we decided to stop the constant talking and rather go on a mission together to try find some good pizza in the city. We tried 3 places in London (Home Slice, Pizza Union and NY Fold) all in the…
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Lunch at Tsunami

I shot a bunch of photographs for my clients at Tsunami Seafood Emporium today and it was good as always. They really are so good at what they do and I really am always excited shooting for them. This isn't really a good photo but it is what…
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Olive Garden Lunch

I shot some photographs just a few weeks back for my client Indulge as they have now opened their restaurant in Rivonia and it is really amazing. I had a lot going during the time of this shoot with my wedding and actually haven't really looked…
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Restaurant 141

I am busy working through the photographs I shot today at a really new and exciting restaurant that has just opened up in Greenside. It is called Restaurant 141 and Melon Graphics has been contracted to develop their website and I took some…
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Faff Restaurant

Faff Restaurant has just opened up in Norwood and it's awesome. I just shot some photographs for their website launch and this is one of them. Visit the website for more information on Faff and yes, I did eat the food.