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Children of the Damned memories

Today is Go Skateboarding Day and in honour of it I decided to spend some time going through old photographs I'd shot of skateboarding tours that I was a part of back in the day. I was part of a few really great tours over the years, with…

Familia collab with Roger Ballen

During my time studying photography, back in the day (2001 and 2002), I did a lot of research on Roger Ballen's work and since then I've grown a huge appreciation of it ... this obviously excited the hell out of me when I found out that he had…
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Hanging in Brighton

Sometimes I find it quite hard to shoot photographs during "chill time" because my days are constantly spent taking photographs for clients so I almost feel like I need the time off. It's quite weird because I never got into photography to make…
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Verb Range with my board

Last year I worked on a collaboration with the guys at Verb on a photographer series of skateboards and it was one of the most exciting things for me purely because I've been skateboarding for so long and have always wanted my own board. I…

My Own Board

I've been skateboarding for about 16 years now and essentially skateboarding is responsible for sparking my interest in photography. I photographed some amazing riders over the years for some amazing magazine features both on tour and for editorial…

Photographer Tribute Boards

The guys at Verb are going to be releasing a Photographer Tribute Series of skateboards and they have selected myself and 2 other photographers to work with on this project. I am So excited about this because I have skateboarded for about…

Skateboarding again

I started skateboarding about 15 years ago and over the years I stopped and started a bunch of times only because life gets in the way and things happen and change ... it's not a bad thing but lately I have been really missing it. It's weird…

A skateboard oldie of Moses

I was working through all my backups this last week and found this photo of Moses that I shot back in the day. It's one of my favourites that I shot with him. Skateworld - Edenvale - April 2006

Skating with PJ

My buddy, Alastair, and I have been skating quite a lot together in the last year and he pushes me loads again which is super fun. I worked on a shoot the other day and had some props left over so thought it would be cool to use a few of them…

Rudi Jeggle

My uncle (and great friend), Rudi Jeggle, pretty much got me into skateboarding back in the day and got me thinking about music from early on which pretty much were two huge influences of my life. He's a super cool guy and I've looked up to…