Paris wedding photography in Disneyland

Syd and Rob

My friends, Syd and Rob (of The Wild Things), got married this last weekend at Disneyland Paris. It was a super intimate occasion celebrated in the Sleeping Beauty suite overlooking the park. They commissioned me to document their special…
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Trash The Dress shoot in SA

My little sister got married and I decided to enjoy her wedding day rather than shoot photographs but this always seems like a crazy waste after the day. I was in SA earlier this year for work and we chatted about possibly shooting some post…
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Joseph and Aly Engagement

Joseph and Aly got engaged and commissioned me to photograph some portraits of them together which was an absolute pleasure. We shot at Gods Own Junkyard and these are a few of my favourites to wish them congratulations.

Tamara and Jared Wedding

Tamara and Jared got married this past weekend in Soho and they commissioned me to photograph their wedding for them. It was one of the most different but amazing weddings I have been to in ages and definitely the most unique. Pretty late into…

Alison and James Wedding

Alison and James got married this past weekend and they commissioned me to photograph their wedding for them. It was EXTREMELY hot on the day but the wedding was very cool. I thought I would post up a photo of the two of them and wish them the…

The Westmore's

My good friend Simon and his beautiful wife, Claudia, got married in August and I flew over to South Africa to document their wedding day for them. I don't sell myself as a wedding photographer but it felt super special to spend so much time…

The New Walkers

My friend Clinton got married to his now beautiful wife about two weeks ago in South Africa on probably one of the hottest days I have ever worked in. I flew out to document the special day with them and really had a good time. It was hot,…

Congratulations to Matt and Tiggy

Matt and Tiggy got married on saturday and I photographed their special day for them. It was amazing and super event-filled and it was very cool to see how in love and how excited they are with each other. I am just backing up the photos now…
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The New Bishops

This weekend was a super rushed but special one with a really good get away. Two important people in my life got married in Corfu on saturday and it was really amazing and just perfect. The weather was hotter than I ever remember it being in…
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Join me on Facebook

So I decided to make a Facebook Page a few weeks back and I am trying to make sure that I keep it up to date with my work as I go along. It is a cool way to follow my work if you like what I do so if you are on Facebook and you are ever bored…
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More of Rudi and Sarah

I have had a lot of good response from the photographs that I shot of Rudi and Sarah so I thought I would put a few more up. It was really a special day and I feel proud to have been able to capture some of their special day. They are on honeymoon…