16 February 2010 – The guys from Daytona Lights contacted me because they were looking for new portraits to use for their MySpace re-release so we hit it up one FREEZING night in East London.

When I say it was FREEZING I really mean it. I didn’t notice that it was so bad because I really focus on what I am doing when I shoot but I could see the guys taking strain and I was sick for the next few days. Regardless, it was a really good time spending it with the guys and working with them. They really are a bunch of talented musicians just enjoying what they do and I loved that they had an acoustic guitar with them to play with between scene changes. Music is an amazing thing and I often wonder what it would be like not knowing about music, I don’t think it would be rad.

Anyway, the guys have just put up their MySpace and they have added a few of their new songs to make sure that it’s worth checking out. Do it, do it NOW. Haha.

These are a few of my favourite shots during the time with them. For some reason my “save for web” option is really playing up and I don’t think the compression is working right so excuse the quality of the last few posts. I am working on it.

Other than that, I hope you are good and having a fun week so far. Happy Pancake day by the way. Marcus

They guys feature on the Blackberry advert currently showing on TV. It’s really rad and now that I have worked with them I see the ad everyday.

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