16 November 2012 – Tonight I got to photograph an incredibly special, and what felt to be quite intimate, show from the guys in Deaf Havana at Shepherds Bush Empire.

I got into these guys pretty much just as they did the line up change so I have only ever really known them with the line up as is and since then I have seen / photographed them playing live a good bunch of times. Tonight though was definitely my favourite and I loved how the guys took the change to showcase their tracks in a very different version to the way that they were recorded. It’s always difficult for a band to do this because the crowd could either love or hate but it definitely worked in their favour and they showcased how versatile they are as musicians and how great their song writing is.

I loved being able to be a part of something that felt so special and it was great seeing the guys take-in the show in an emotional sense.

Great band, both recorded and live, that you definitely need to look up if you haven’t.

These are just a few of my favourites from the night.

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