29 May 2010 – As I am still fairly new to the UK I am constantly hearing about new music and my definite favourite find for this year has got to be the guys from Deaf Havana so I was SUPER excited to shoot them play today.

The band has recently made a line up change after having departed with their fifth member, Ryan, who used to add screaming vocals but as I said I am really new to them so I didn’t go in with any ideas of what they would be like and sometimes a fresh mind is best because I tried to take it all in and make a judgement based on what they sounded like today. It was amazing and I think these guys have something that will definitely take off more now. They seemed really excited and super passionate which is a good mix and on top of all that their stuff is really catchy and James’s voice is incredible. Dammit I need to get my hands on their album to hear more although they only have their older (with Ryan) stuff out so I can only get excited for the new stuff that they are working on.

They played on the Kerrang! Introducing stage which was quite small (the actual stage) and quite a bitch to get to because of all the people jammed in that room to see these guys. It seemed as though they could definitely rather been added to the bigger stages but they seemed happy there none the less. The lighting was pretty much just a purple ceiling light which didn’t provide much to work with so I slowed it down to get some of the cool ambient colour and then just got up close (sorry guys) and flashed the guys in their faces to fill in.

Great show by a VERY cool sounding band. I definitely cannot wait to see them again live and hopefully work with them again soon. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, make sure to check them out now or you are missing something special.

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