14 October 2009 – Tonight I spent time with my special friends from Dear Reader as they played the last show of their European tour.

I have known them for a long time and worked with them since the early stages of their project and its amazing to see them getting better and growing as a band each time. This tour was quite a special one for them because Brent Knopf (from the band Menomena and producer of Dear Readers current album) was out touring his new side project called Ramona Falls. It was amazing to witness because the four Dear Reader members joined him in Ramona Falls as his band members and then when Dear Reader played Brent joined them as their 5th member. It all sounds pretty confusing as I read this but it was incredible.

Small-ish show in a very cool venue with TERRIBLE red or blue LED’s so I did my best to try and work around that so that I could capture the moment for the guys. These are a few of them.

Be sure to check out both Dear Reader and Ramona Falls because people this nice need our support.












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