05 April 2010 – A few days ago I worked with the guys from Delica Black on some new portraits for them to use to push the new tracks that they have just finished up.

The guys contacted me a while back and we got to speaking about what they are doing and I really liked their sound and what they are about so we discussed some options of locations to shoot at and got the ball rolling. We decided to meet at Crystal Palace Park and as we arrived it started raining which sucked and seemed like it was going to be a waste of time but within minutes the rain stopped and we were lucky to be able to just shoot and have a good time without getting wet again.

All the dudes are super nice and it was really rad working and hanging out with them and I am excited to see them move forward because I think they have a good thing going. Their style is a mix up of Metal, Post Hardcore and Alternative Rock but it’s done well so make sure to check them out and show them some support. I cannot wait to see one of their live shows soon and will make sure to shoot some photos and get them up here.

For now, these are a few of my favourite shots from the shoot from the session.

And I also made a short behind the scenes type video from the day and you can see that here:

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  1. […] I had a really good shoot with the boys from the band, Delica Black, the other day and they are a really nice bunch of guys that made the shoot feel more like hanging out as apposed to working. We met up in Crystal Palace Park which was the perfect setting and I filmed a few quick clips with my happy snapper just to show off the setting and a bit of the process but it’s really hard to do that and focus on my actual work so it’s not the best but still worth having a look. The video is below and if you are interested in seeing a few of the photos you can see them on my music photography blog by CLICKING HERE. […]

  2. […] shot pictures of a band called Delica Black and the drummer, Andy, from the band is also in the theatre production of STOMP. He was really kind […]

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